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Helpful guide for Open Enrollment

It’s that time of year again, the time where people blindly choose what kind of health coverage they are going to have for the next year.

Most people stick with the same plan as the year before, but that may not be the best option for you. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout my 5 years of working for health insurance.
Price Price is a big factor in what plan you are choosing. Your work will probably offer one or two plans to choose from. So if you have two plans one is going to be cheaper than the other (hopefully).

Option A: The lower-priced plan is most likely going to have a higher deductible you need to meet before your health insurance pays anything extra.

Option B: The higher-priced plan will most likely have a smaller deductible then the cheaper plan. This is where understanding your plan, and what kind of situation medically you’re in.
Understanding the plans My rule of thumb when choosing a plan is to think about next year.

Are you sick often? Are you tryi…
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3 road blocks I'm facing becoming debt free

Becoming debt-free is not a stroll in the park. Saving money is difficult, working overtime gets old fast, and becoming debt free is a long journey. Here are some road blocks I've encountered during my journey of getting out of debt.  Budgeting isn’t easy or simple  I have been budgeting for about two months now and I still somehow come up barely affording anything. There are a lot of apps out there that help you put your bills into categories which is great to see. But budgeting is so much more than just writing down your monthly payments. Budgeting is choosing not to buy X because you’re saving money or not go to some movie that’s in theaters because the movie ticket just isn't worth it right now.
Budgeting = Sacrificing spending for fun for saving funds Overtime is draining  I work about 8-10 hours of overtime a week (depending on if I want to work on Sunday or not). I try to spread it out so I don't get burned out. I work an hour each day except Thursday which is half …

5 easy ways to grocery shop efficiently (While staying on budget)

Efficiently shopping for groceries has become easier as more resources become available to us. The internet has made it easy to compare prices without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair! Here are some easy ways to save money on grocery shopping and to help you stay on budget! If you don't have a budget check out my blog post Here to see how I budget!
Plan what you're going to buy ahead of time. When it comes to grocery shopping, you MUST think ahead. We have all been there. You go to turn down the chip aisle and it feels like you haven't eaten in what feels like days. Then you impulse buy and end up with $200 worth of junk food. That’s why you should come to the grocery store with a game plan and some recipes in mind. The recipes don’t have to be set in stone, some of the items on your list may not be on sale that week. But if you go in with a plan and think ahead you will more than likely not overspend.  Shop around (look for those deals!) Market Basket, Roche Bro…

November Budget: take a peek!

I thought it would be cool to show you what the blank slate for my budget looks like for the next month. I'll point out some interesting points in the budget to give you an idea of where my heads at. November Budget:
So we're starting out with a good amount In our checking which is great/ a teasebecause that amount is going to drop fast soon. Week 1
11.1 L's School: L's School is good at letting us skip a week if we need to.
Gas: We try to stay as close to to our weekly goal as possible. we go by when the car gets to half a tank.
Fitness  Reimbursement: A nice surprise!
11.2 Week 2
11.5 Ah, my bank account can take a nice breath before it gets beat up
11.8 C's Credit Card:

Choosing the right side hustle!

When getting out of debt, people often choose a side hustle. Now if you’re just starting out like myself you may be like:
I listened to The Ken Coleman Show, who gives you advice about getting your dream job, and what he says is to choose something that you’re good at and that makes you happy. So I thought, why not apply that to my side hustle!
HOW DO I CHOOSE MY SIDE HUSTLEWhen thinking of things I’m good at all I could think of is: *I like playing video games
*I like making people laugh
*I enjoy cooking

Then while at work, I decided I was going to grow some plants. For me, Basil is easy to grow and smells awesome! I then thought to myself, I want to try and grow black beans. So I did just that! My manager and a co-worker came over to me the other day and asked me “why aren’t you a Gardener? You definitely have a green thumb!” So they made the decision for me! Gardening was going to be my side hustle.
HOW THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO THIS??Now you may be think…

Getting out of baby step limbo!

There is a limbo that nobody talks about in the baby steps. Or at least, one that I'm currently hitting right now. We have the $1,000 in our emergency fund, but we don't have enough money in our checking to make additional payments to debt!

This is the limbo I am referring too. But, we aren’t in hell...I don’t think. *pinches self* nope, I am very much alive! So we have the option to do something about this! 

Here are some of the ways I plan on getting out of limbo:
- do even more Overtime
- cut expenses
- Sell sell sell!

As much as I’d love to relax with my family on the weekends, my work offers overtime on Saturday and Sunday. 

If I work 5 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday, that would give me $242 more that week (before taxes). I earn time and a half on Sundays (because who wants to work on Sundays).

The great thing about doing overtime on the weekends is I don’t have to do it all in one sitting! I can do 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. It’s super …

Is millionaire status in my future?

As I listen to Dave Ramsey talk on his podcast, I often wonder if I would ever consider trying to become a millionaire. I mean, it would be pretty sweet to be a millionaire, but I'm not sure if I have the right smarts to invest or do anything that he suggests to do with Roth IRA’s, real estate, or the stock market. I understand a little bit about what he's talking about, but I'd be so afraid to mess up with the stock market or choosing the wrong real estate property, that I don't think it would be worth it.

I read a book called The 30-minute millionaire by Jeff Cox and Peter Tanousand that did clear up some stuff about the stock market that I was a bit
confused about. There is so much chance in the stock market that I'd rather just put money into my 401k and have my company match that or set up a Roth-IRA. A Roth-IRA seems the less risky move because if I dumb it down for myself, it’s a fancy savings account that I can’t touch until I'm 60.
Real-estate, t…